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GolfStash Blog. Written by Golf Professional Alex Ward.

Golf Lessons, What to Expect?

Why you should take a lesson and what you can expect?Many people are often embarrassed or avoid taking lessons because they are worried about what the coach may say. Others think that their swings are not fixable and that they simply have to continue to struggle and take the ups with the downs. Some even think that there is no hope for them and they are destined for a life of golfing misery. All of these can be valid reasons, but to me, they are just excuses for not taking a lesson, for not trying to improve your game based on sound advice from an individual who has knowledge of the golf swing. Admitted some of the advice that I have given doesn’t always go down to well, some people like what they hear and others don’t. Many will try and many will fall back into their old habits because they find it easier and more natural to do so. They don´t have to practice what they have been doing for months or maybe even years. So for these people, it is difficult to contemplate taking a lesson, they feel it would not be worth the money. They think that they would benefit more by playing. There are two main reasons for golfers not taking lessons:

    They are embarrassed, they are worried about hitting balls in front of a professional, they don´t want to make a fool of themselves by hitting bad shots. 
    They are afraid of change, they are comfortable with what they are doing, regardless of the outcome, they will moan when they are playing and when they have finished. They will moan that they are not improving or possibly getting worse. But they will not do anything about it because they are scared of change. 

What can you expect from a lesson with Alex Ward?

    A lesson based on what you want to learn
    The lesson will be tailored to suit your requirements and physical abilities
    A non-judgmental approach to diagnosis
    Practice exercises and drills to take away and practice
    An honest and truthful opinion of your potential 
Golf Professional
    Long term solutions..not quick fixes
    Goal Setting and achieving the goals

Results and the speed of the change and improvement in your scores depends a lot on the individual player, the amount they are willing to practice coupled with their desire and need to learn and take on board new ideas. Some of the ideas may at first seem odd, but they are logical, so logical in fact that some of my clients have asked why they didn’t “think of that myself”. So why should you take a lesson?The obvious answer is to aid your improvement. I believe that all golfers want to improve and want to lower their scores. For some just playing more regularly can achieve this, but for others the inclusion of lessons is a must. It is always worth remembering that even the professionals on tour take regular lessons. For me the most important thing to consider when taking lessons is what you want to work on. But do not be hasty with your decision, for many the immediate thought is to hit the ball further or improve the driver, but the reality is the other areas of your game need more attention in the beginning. So goal setting is vital, together you must decide what you want to achieve and in what time frame you want to achieve it.

    You also need to consider the number of lessons that you wish to take and discuss that with your coach to find the best solution. You may think that you need 10 lessons to reach the level you want to achieve, but the coach may believe that 5 is sufficient. An honest coach will always be willing to give you an estimate of the number of lessons he thinks you require. 

If you are tired of playing below par and want to see how you can improve your game give me a call today!