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GolfStash Blog. Written by Golf Professional Alex Ward.

Improve Your Golf Swing

What can you do to improve your golf swing?This is a seemingly difficult question, with which the answer varies depending on the player, the problems, and the solutions. However, actually it is not, it is quite simple to generalize the answer so that the majority of golfers will benefit from the tips I will be sharing with you in a few minutes.To me it is simple, if you do not have the basic fundamentals ingrained in your mind then you are simply not going to succeed or ultimately improve. What are the fundamentals that apply to almost all golfers?

    POSTURE – if your posture is not solid and personal to you, you will not be able to create the power and control your body can offer you. 
    RHYTHM – is the catalyst to consistency, for those of you that regularly “lash” at the ball will understand what I mean
    BALANCE – I emphasize balance because I believe it to be the most important, and often ignored element of the golf swing. If at any moment you are out of balance, fighting during your swing you have immediately lost the battle. 

So how can you improve your game, look at the three fundamentals above and choose which of the 3 your nemesis is? If it is your posture, get yourself in front of a mirror and check the following aspects:

    Bottom, yes a key element in your posture is the position of your bottom, it should be stuck out, creating the perfect natural plane for your hips to rotate
    Spine angle should be about 40º degrees from an upright position but more importantly, it should be straight no curves or prominent bending. 
    Arms, your arms should hang directly underneath your shoulders, if they don’t then you either have your hands too high or too low, both positions result in poor ball striking.
Golf Swing
    Knee flex, you should be in a position from where you can move and react quickly. A good example is that of a goalkeeper (although you will not be as bent forward)

If you feel it is rhythm, go and practice 50-meter pitch shots, ensuring that you maintain the same speed up, down and through the ball. Another favorite exercise of mine is to hum throughout your swing if the pitch or tone of your humming changes you are “forcing” the swing. 
Finally, the one I expect most will choose is balance. If you fall backward away from the target, the ball or you fall forward towards the ball or the target you have a very big issue that needs to be addressed immediately. 
So how can you work on balance? The best drill which will help ALL balance issues is to stand with your feet and knees together (if you can physically do that) and hit half shots 

with a 7 iron. With your feet together you will be aware of exactly how your body works to maintain balance. You will probably be surprised at how cleanly you strike the ball and how easy it is to get the ball traveling through the air, as far if not further than normal. 
When you do this drill be sure not to get obsessed with doing it, you also need to hit balls in a normal fashion.