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GolfStash Blog. Written by Golf Professional Alex Ward.

Help yourself in Golf

How can you help yourself?
This is a question that many people wonder and then try to take the answer down to the range and try it out. To me, this is like trial and error and does not always, if ever leading to a successful and permanent outcome. The manner of this type of “trial and error” method is actually more damaging than beneficial, as you may believe that you are making the same movements when actually each swing is different. There are however other ways that you can help yourself, without making massive changes to your swing, in fact, some of them are even free, yes free!
Help yourself tip one:

    Get down to the practice ground and spend time practicing your chipping and putting, I do not mean with 30 or 40 balls to one hole, I mean directed practice, take one ball and chip it from the lie that you find most difficult and don´t leave until you have got it up and down. Then move to another area of the green and continue the exercise.

Help yourself tip two:

    Another free one, if you wear a glove ensure that for those shots around the green where you require the maximum level of feedback, you remove your glove and tuck it in your pocket. This may seem like too much hassle to do this, but it will improve your feel for the shots that ultimately save you when out on the golf course.

Help yourself tip three:

    Take a look in the mirror. Many of you do not realize how you look at address or at the top of your backswing. If you do not recognize or know where your club and body are during the swing how can you attempt to “dream” up new ways of swinging the club? The mirror is a vital piece of equipment when it comes to “seeing” your swing and improving your “mechanics”.

Help yourself tip four:

    Check your grips. Your grips should be clean of dirt and grease and still have a matt finish to them. If they are starting to go shiny then it is time to consider replacing them. After all, if you grip too tight you are ribbing yourself of control and for most, extra distance.

Golf Lesson

    If your grips are beginning to wear out, then give them a good clean. I find warm water and fairy liquid work best with a toothbrush to get inside those little nooks. Ensure that you hold the clubhead in the air so that water doesn´t get inside the shaft, causing premature rusting of the shaft.

    Keep your clubs clean and free of dirt. This will help all golfers control the ball, especially around the green as the grooves are able to “bite” into the ball at impact.

Help yourself tip five:

    Get yourself down to a professional to get some solid guidance and practice drills so that when you do head down to the practice ground, you are practicing productively and not “blindly” hitting golf balls.

I know that this costs money, but look at it in a different way; If you have one golf lesson and reduce the number of balls that you lose, you will in the long run benefit from the lesson or lessons that you signed up for. Although there are many ways that you can help yourself, I urge you to consider taking a lesson or course of lessons to help your game reach the levels that you wish to attain.