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El Prat Club de Golf-GolfStash Green Fees

Real Club de Golf El Prat, Barcelona

Book your Green fees at the BEST rates via GolfStash 24/7! Golf Course Info & Tee Times. CONTINENTAL EUROPE’S FIRST GOLF COURSE DESIGNED BY GREG NORMAN. A 45-HOLE COURSE DESIGNED TO ENJOY EVERY STROKE 45 unforgettable holes that can be split up into five 9-hole courses, giving a combination of up to 9 different courses. We usually have 2 main courses open: OPEN, where major tournaments are played, and BLUE, better suited to all levels of play. RCG El Prat offers multiple variations on how to play them, thus providing infinite experiences by allowing players to change courses. Each stroke is different from the last. What more can you ask of a golf course? The fairways make the most of the soft natural slope of the terrain. This allows the 45 holes to preserve the area’s autochthonous features: wooded areas, open spaces, farmland, natural drainage, sloping hills, etc… The greens are large and rolling, allowing great variety in pin placement. Playing at El Prat is a true pleasure. Each of its courses is an unforgettable experience. EACH TEE BOX HAS 7 MARKERS, RANGING FROM BLACK TO PINK, TO SUIT ALL LEVELS OF PLAY. So check out amazing green fee offers from GolfStash Now!

El Prat-GolfStash Green Fees
El Prat Club-GolfStash Green Fees
Real Club de Golf El PRat-GolfStash Green Fees